AnyReader is an application developed for reading data from scratched CD/DVDs, unreliable LAN (Wi-Fi), damaged floppy/flash disks!. This scratch disks recovery software effectively copies corrupt data from any type of disks or erroneous connections when standard copying methods fail. AnyReader also supports resumed downloads from the remote PC if the connection was broken during the copy process (especially useful for unreliable Wi-Fi networks).

AnyReader is great tool for copying files from scratched CD/DVDs or defective floppy/hard disks. Normally when your computer is unable to copy files from a damaged disk it will abort and delete the part of the file it has copied. AnyReader will continue copying the file right to the end; ... Read more to Download »

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MCAD Developing XML Web Services and Server Components with Visual C# .NET and the .NET Framework Exam Cram 2
(Exam Cram 70-320) by Amit Kalani, Priti Kalani

Publisher: Que; (October 15, 2003) | ISBN-10: 0789728974 | CHM | 1,6 Mb | 400 pages

Exam Cram certification exam examine your ability to develop and implement XML Web Services and server components using Visual C# and the Microsoft .NET Framework. This exam counts as a core credit toward the new MCAD (Microsoft Certified Application Developer) certification as well as a core credit toward the new MCSD .NET track. This book is not intended to teach new material but it assumes that you have a solid foundation of knowledge but can use a refresher on important concepts as well as a guide to exam topics and objectives. This book focuses exactly on what you need to pass the ... Read more to Download »

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Cyber Cafe Pro is cyber cafe management software developed to manage any internet cafe, cyber cafe, library computer area, or any other timed computer atmosphere.

CyberCafePro software is capable of to manage times, secures, inventories and administrates your cyber business.It is built in with a full 160 item Point-of-Sale System (Printer, Cash Drawer & Touch Screen ready) which is enough for you to feel ensure that you do not have to spend extra money on expensive software.

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Antamedia Internet Cafe Software is all in one easy, powerful and reliable cyber cafe software with Gaming center software which controls both time and bandwidth usage of your computers including game consoles.

Antamedia Internet Cafe lets you easily manage customer accounts, security configuration, charge POS items and get the most recent statistics, logs and records and detailed reports.

Antamedia Internet Caffe Software will help you improve your business and increase its revenue cyber cafe. It is also appropriate for a game center, library, computer local audience, LAN house, hotel, as it provides a strong safety and variety of billing methods.This is probably the best cyber cafe management software.

Features of Antamedia Inter ... Read more to Download »

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Advanced Defrag has been designed for home-office use to maintain your computer system sluggishness and keep your computer run fast like new.

It is easy to use, program which applies advanced defragment arithmetic which enables you to completely and fast analyze & defrag all the fragment found in your computer disk, effectively maximum the system performance and improve your working efficiency with the computer along with more free disk space , it is definitely worth for your investment.

Download Advanced Defrag v2.0(2009)
Available for users only ... Read more to Download »

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