Almost every websites and blogs have some intention of making money from it and adsense is the best available option for this. And many of us log in adsense accounts several times a day, some do even several times in an hour. This is why you should have Adsense gadget on your Vista sidebar. Adsense gadget shows all deatils on your adsense details including clicks, impressions. It uses pure javascripts and html.

Here is a sneak preview on how adsense gadget looks on your vista sidebars.Just like every gadget, it’s draggable and easily configurable. Adsense Gadget configuration screen requires you to enter your login details. I have checked the adsense gadget for a week for any external connection attemps except for and found nothing. So I can say it is fairly safe for you the download.

It works with both vista sidebars for vista ,vi ... Read more to Download »

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Download facebook friend boomer- friend add
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