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Oleansoft Hidden Camera 250x1 Version 2.29

Oleansoft Hidden Camera easy and very effective multi computer monitoring system. Big organisations can use it as an employee monitoring solution to increases productivity several folds by eliminating any PC activity that are not related to organisation or office.

After installing this software, a manager (supervisor, business owner) can keep eye on what’s going on
inside office on employees PC and office through webcams in full screen and active window mode in real time including in off-line mode. This software supports up to 250 user PCs and webcam.Oleansoft Hidden Camera can be configured such that it automatically save screenshots or snapshots at specified intervals.

This Pc monitoring software product can records voice via microphones and then play any mp3 audio file.Hence an em-ployee can be monitored on all suspected of misconduct as Split-screen mode is supported (up to 250 screens in one simultaneously).Implementation of Hidden Camera and demonstrating how it works to the employees can minimise incident ofemployees playing games or visiting adult sites instead og doing official work. Oleansoft Hidden Camera 250x1 Version 2.29 can also be used in Cyber Cafes to monitor and control the bandwidth usage by clients.

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