Ofcouse the web is changing and so are the modern web browsers need to change to improve its performance and meet the new technology and be reliable, safe and secure web browser and Opera web browser v11.0 is here now with many improvents and changes. It is one of the most secure web browser reducing security threats. Opera v11.0 is more light and more faster than its previous versions. Its easier to use and add new functionality with extensions and addons. It have Opera Dragonfly which is integrated debugging for web developers and designers. Ot also supports the latest HTML5 and CSS3 technologies.

Opera now uses Carakan JavaScript engine which is the fastest JavaScript engine known. The download accelrator is more faster allowing you too download more quickly than ever with Pause and resume downloads functionality. You can al ... Read more to Download »

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Building the Perfect PC

Building The Perfect PC from O'Reilly is written by hardware experts, Robert Bruce Thompson and Barbara Frichman Thompson,delivers complete instructions for building your own dream machine with high-quality components, whether it’s a PC for general use, extreme gaming, a media center, or home server. Straightforward language, clear directions, and easy-to-follow illustrations make this guide a breeze for computer builders of any skill level, even those with no experience.

Robert Bruce Thompson is a coauthor of Building the Perfect PC, Astronomy Hacks, and the Illustrated Guide to Astronomical Wonders. Thompson built his first computer in 1976 from discrete chips. It had 256 bytes of memory, used toggle switches and LEDs for I/O, ran at less than 1MHz, and had no operating system. Since then, he has bought, built, upgraded, ... Read more to Download »

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