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What Woman Want Men to Know by Barbara DeAngelis (ph.D Book with Audio)

Like John Gray, relationship expert and motivational speaker DeAngelis (Are You the One for Me?, etc.) highlights recognizable distinctions between the needs and communicating styles of men and women. Based upon the experiences of "tens of thousands of people" and women's responses to a questionnaire, her latest work aspires to offer "simple, practical ways to communicate and make both (sexes) happier." Though arguably bordering on stereotype, her easily digestible truths (women put love first, are creators, have a sacred relationships with time) can help both sexes gain perspective.

But treacly writing (e.g., "no beauty treatment... outfit... jewels... can make a woman look as radiant as when she is feeling loved") and heavy-handed admonitions (e.g., to read the book "from start to finish") detract from more helpful observations. However, restraint is not DeAngelis's trademark, nor what fans expect. Though the focus is on interpreting women's behavior (e.g., viewing being "too emotional" as "in touch with feelings"), men's behavior doesn't seem to merit the same consideration. For example, she lists the top-10 male habits that drive women crazy (vagueness, emotional withdrawal, lying to avoid unpleasantness, bossing women around) without further elucidation. Perhaps DeAngelis is saving the interpretations for the sequel, but it's a shame to turn off men who may benefit from her genuine insights in, for example, the small but provocative section on sex. (Aug.)Forecast: Women will flock to this, as they have to her other bestsellers, but the intended male audience may prove difficult to capture.

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