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Xara Web Designer v5.0.1.7886

Unlike any other web editor,Xara Web Designer is an easy template based web design solution that provides total freedom in page design, not even HTML skills required.

Xara Web Designer is easy as it features drag and drop capabilities for designing, literally letting you place anything, anywhere on the page. Now text with curved edges, text or graphics at an angle, text flowing around objects are easy task if You use Xara's web design tool. You can even customize existing templates or create your own graphics or animations, it's genuinely WYSIWYG editor based that means what you see in Web Designer is exactly what you get on your website.

Some features of Xara Web Designer v5.0.1.7886:
  • Liquid text flow around objects
  • Easy mouseover, thumbnail and pop-up creation
  • Automatic adjustment of photos to the correct web resolution
  • One-click change of site wide theme colors and shades
  • Automatic color matching of imported objects such as buttons
  • Buttons and text panels that automatically stretch as you change the text
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