Split & Concat V3.0 For Mac OS

Split & Concat V3.0 is same application for Mac like Hjsplit in Windows that is used for splitting a file and merging them back into single part. The latest release Split & Concat V3.0 is even more advance file splitting and merging application now for Mac users. his will help people greatly in using services like rapidshare and other file hosting services.Split & Concat from version 2.1 also offers features of creating par and par2 files automatically.

Split & Concat V3.0 works only on Snow Leopard Mac Os 10.5 and higher. For Mac Os 10.4, Split & Concat V2.5 should be used.For Mac Os 10.3x, Split & Concat V2.2.1 should be used. Split & Concat V2.0.2 should be downloaded for Mac os 10.2x.

Download Split & Concat V3.0 For Mac OS 10.5 and 10.6 "Snow Leopard" and higher

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