Smplayer 0.6.8 the new Mplayer

Formerly known as Mplayer, Smplayer is the new version of Universal audio and video player, Mplayer is now with SVN source and is now caled Smplayer. Smplayer is most preferred multimedia player today as it is light weight and plays any video files and audio files without consuming CPU and Ram memory .

Like in Mplayer, Smplayer comes with all latest with audio codecs and video codecs that makes it able to play any audio and videos including one that can't be played with other Multimedia tools.

Installing Smplayer also install other additional optional codec packs(Smplayer Windows Essential codec pack) during installation. But if you are installing Smplayer on a computer without internet connection, We recommend you to download the optional codecs packs (Smplayer Windows Essential codec pack) and copy paste it inside codec folder ... Read more to Download »

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James Cameron's movie Avatar

The most expensive Hollywood movie "Avatar" written and directed by from veteran director of movies like "Titanic", Transformer", James Cameron is going to release all over the world. The filming took more than 4 years and the idea came to James Cameron's mind some 14 years ago. This Sci-Fi thriller is full of 3D animations and 3D effects. For filming Avatar, special 3D cameras were invented to make the movie worth watching and look realistic. The PC game,James Cameron s Avatar: The Game 2009 is already in market with huge possitive responses.


A paraplegic war veteran,Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) who is also a former Marine,paralyzed from the waist down in a combat is selected in the Avatar operation is taken to the planet Pandora, inhabited by Navi,a sentient humanoid race superior than human race,physically stronger than human ... Read more to Download »

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