Telugu movie Vennela

Vennela is a roamantic movie with humours and other masalas. The movie is directed by Deva Katta who also had wriiten the story for this film. Raja, Sharwanand, Parvati Melton, Bramhanandam, Mohit (Flavors fame), Ravi Varma, Achyuta Rama Rao, Shalini, Madhu, Kishore, Sunil, Chris Peters, Vuka played the main characters of the movie.

Naveen (Raja) and Pavani (Parvathi Melton) are in same university in USA, getting closer with each others. Sayeed (Ravi Varma) who knows her past tries to date her but she just finds him irritating and she just hates him. Sayeed (Ravi Varma) gets Ritesh to USA who happens to be her ex-boyfriend during her graduation in India whom she ditches because of his crooked thinking and bad habbits. Here the story turns to main point.

As always the presence of this sexy tollywood actress Parvati Melton, this movie got lot of sexiness. Despite there ... Read more to Download »

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Windows XP Professional SP3 corporate

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Ubuntu is one of the most popular Linux based operating system today with lots of features. Ubuntu desktop edition for desktops, Ubuntu netbook remix for notebooks and Ubuntu server edition for servers is available .

Ubuntu can be used along with other operating system platforms such as Windows, Mac too. It can also be used directly from a live cd without having to install on hard drive or It can also be installed on hard drive.

Features of Ubuntu 9.10 Linux operating system:

  • Ubuntu includes Mozilla Firefox 3.5
  • Empathy Instant Messenger
  • Rhythmbox Music and Video player
  • 3.1 compatible with Microsoft Office applications
  • Games and softwares from Ubuntu Software Center
  • Integrated "Ubuntu One" technology
  • Multiple language supports
  • email applications
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GNOME 2.28 Linux Operating system

GNOME 2.28 is the latest version of the GNOME Desktop which is one of the most popular choice of Linux OS with multi-platform desktop environment.

Features of GNOME 2.28 Linux Operating system:

  • Media Player Improvements

  • Epiphany Web Browser

  • Empathy Instant Messenger

  • GNOME Bluetooth

  • Addition of Time Tracker

  • webcam photo and video application with numerous improvements

  • Evince document viewer

  • More features in GNOME Volume Control

  • Brasero, the GNOME CD/DVD Burner

  • improvements in VTE

  • Gedit has been ported to Mac OS® X.

  • GNOME Power Manager

  • support for laptops with multiple batteries

  • GNOM ... Read more to Download »
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