Allplayer can Play almost all formats including MKV, DivX, Xvid, Flash, QuickTime, DVD, MP3, FLAC files. There is a new function which allows your kids to hear subtitles. ALLPlayer has built in special connectors to the servers that enable to watch movie with matching subtitles in the instant mode. Intelligent Subtitles allows to read all subtitles in long enough display, so nothing will be missed.It also has a build in free converter which can convert new formats like x264 or MKV to the format playable on your DVD/DivX device, PSP, iPod, iPhone and all other mobile phones. It has also live updater which keeps you updated with the latest codecs-pack. AVI Doctor helps when you are downloading torrent file and want to preview the movie. With AVI Doctor you can also fix the broken file. With LiveUpdate you will get access to other skins an ... Read more to Download »

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RaidCall v1.1.2

RaidCall is a free voice chat application that lets us make Voice chat in a group,developed intending from internet gaming but it can be used on any kinds of activities related to instant messaging too. Raidcall is getting popular due to its superior sound quality and and use of minimal CPU resources so that it doesn't effects your Pc performance at all nor disturbs during online game competitions.

Features of RaidCall v1.1.2
  • 1. Higher Voice Quality
  • 2. Lower-latency
  • 3. No Dedicated Server
  • 4. Minimal use of CPU resoureces
  • 5. Simpler user interface
  • 6. It is a free software
  • Download Raidcall version 1.1.2

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    SevenMizer enables you to effectively transform your Windows XP, MCE or Server 2003 into the look of Windows 7. Therefore nearly 400 files with new Icons, pictures as well as videos are modified. This means that SevenMizer does not provide own files and change your system files. That has the advantage that SevenMizer works with each language and no changes of the language specifics are made.

    The installer is so developed that you have completely the change which will be modified and which not. Even if you select files, which are possibly not at all on your system available or not compatible, the application recognizes this and jumps over these. This ensures that the system does not become unstable because of wrong modification. After updates if your system data are overwritten, then a renewal of these is possible by using an extra program that is linked by t ... Read more to Download »

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    Talegu movie High School release date has been postponed to 2010 as this movie faced lot of controversy due to the film story. The story somehow reflect similar story line l;ike in Monica Belluci starred movie " Malena". Kiran Rathod played similar role like Monica Belluci in this Talegu movie High School. But the only difference is that She is a sexy High School teacher whose sexiness and boldness attracts a young student played by child-actor Karthik.

    But the new news about the movie release is that it finally got approval for release from Censor Board.

    Download Telegu movie High School (2010) movie OST Mp3

  • Download Telegu movie High School (2010) movie OST Mp3
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