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Cellular (2004) Original movie DvDRiP in English and hindi
movie Cellular

Cellular ( 2004 ) is thriller based on crime story directed by David R. Ellis with big hollywood actors and actresses like Caroline Aaron, Brenda Ballard,Kim Basinger,Will Beinbrinck, Jessica Biel, Chase Bloch, Chelsea Bloch, Chantille Boudousque,Robin Brenner,Richard Burgi,Paige Cannon, Nikki Christian , John Churchill, Greg Collins , Valerie Cruz.Chris Evans, Jason Statham, William H. Macy are few other artist who performed acting in this movie.

The movie starts with a strange emergency phone call to a young man from a older woman who has been kidnapped by some people who tells him that she has been kidnapped and the kidnappers are gone to kidnap her husband and son and thinks they will be killed together but she couldn't tell the place where she has been taken by the kidnappers as she don't really know the place. Also the battery of her cell phone is about to finish and the phone may get dead anytime.

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  • Download Cellular (2004) Original movie DvDRiP in hindi

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