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RaidCall v1.1.2
RaidCall v1.1.2

RaidCall is a free voice chat application that lets us make Voice chat in a group,developed intending from internet gaming but it can be used on any kinds of activities related to instant messaging too. Raidcall is getting popular due to its superior sound quality and and use of minimal CPU resources so that it doesn't effects your Pc performance at all nor disturbs during online game competitions.

Features of RaidCall v1.1.2
  • 1. Higher Voice Quality
  • 2. Lower-latency
  • 3. No Dedicated Server
  • 4. Minimal use of CPU resoureces
  • 5. Simpler user interface
  • 6. It is a free software
  • Download Raidcall version 1.1.2

  • Download link for Global (except US)
  • OR
  • Download link for US
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    Good aplication.

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