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Shattered Lives(2009) DVDRip

Her fears and inability to cope with the harsh realities of life becoming so intense that they manifest themselves in an altered state of reality, a schizophrenic girl begins taking orders from a pair of clown dolls who instruct her to murder her adulterous mother. Rachel is a small girl with a fragile mind. Her allegiance to her parents irreparably fractured when she is forced to keep her mother’s extramarital affair a secret from her father, Rachel can’t figure out how to handle the situation until her clown dolls, Melo and Lelo, offer an unsettling piece of advice: kill your mother and in the process absolve her of the evil that has infected her soul. It doesn’t take long for Rachel to act on the grim suggestion, but as she grows up and her psyche becomes more fractured, the cycle of violence continues.

Shattered Lives(2009) DVDRip

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